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MatchDayMailCloud and the power of tagging

MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips: Get to grips with Tags

MatchDayMailCloud is Sotic's email marketing platform. In this blog, learn why you should be using Tags to help you categorise and organise your contacts. Tags are a quick and easy, but very powerful way, of organising, segmenting or categorising your contacts. Your contacts can’t see the tags...

Birthday emails in MatchDayMailCloud

MatchDayMail Top Tips: Sending birthday emails to engage your subscribers

MatchDayMailCloud is Sotic bulk mailing platform.  In this blog, learn how to use MatchDayMailCloud to send birthday emails to your subscribers to make them feel appreciated on their special day. In MatchDayMailCloud you can used the date based campaign type to automatically send an online birthday...

Sotic's quiz functionality

Driving engagement with online quizzing

Quizzes and personality tests are some of the most shared content on social media. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what their spirit animal is right? Of course I’m going to take the test to find out! In our view, quizzing is an underestimated...