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Strategy, Research & Insight

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Digital has a huge role to play in helping your organisation reach and exceed the objectives you set, but it won’t be effective, or realise its potential without planning.

Making informed decisions should be at the heart of any digital strategy or activation, whether you’re refreshing your website or embarking on a major digital overhaul.

Research & Discovery

The research and discovery phase at the start of any website project is perhaps the most crucial stage as it will underpin everything that comes after it. We’ll want to get to know you and your user groups, and to understand your business objectives, but we can also provide important insights, based in data and analytics, into how your fans are consuming your content and journeying around your site so we’re all making informed decisions about how to maximise engagement and revenue.


Sotic also provides consultancy services for sporting organisations looking towards digital transformation. Our knowledge of the technology, as well as of the marketplace and of the key drivers and challenges for our clients mean that we can provide a clear digital vision, strategy and roadmap (a combination of quick wins and longer term initiatives) to ensure digital success for your business.