Team News: Greg Miles is Talking about First Line Support and Accessibility

Team News: Greg Miles is Talking about First Line Support and Accessibility

We’ve been speaking with Greg Miles, First Line Support Team Leader aka Client Happiness Engineer at Sotic. As well as working closely with our clients, Greg plays a key role working with the design team and providing feedback on accessibility elements. 

Read on to find out why.

What do you enjoy about your role at Sotic?

In my 2 years here at Sotic, I can safely say every single day is different within the First Line team. We have a unique roster of clients who have their own specific needs, which in turn gives me and my team a wide range of tasks to look after. It really helps to keep us on our toes, and promotes us working with every part of the company, which is the highlight of my role as a team leader.

With online accessibility continuing to gain attention globally, can you share any first-hand experience in this area and why it is so important? 

Accessibility has always been a problem, no matter the type of media and with 15% of the world’s population having some sort of disability, it’s important organisations prioritise this. Like 1 in 12 men (and 1 in 200 women), I’m colourblind (protanopia), and where designers and developers haven’t considered colourblindness, it can make a website extremely difficult for me to use and navigate.

At Sotic I help the designers and developers in this area. Websites and colour schemes that cause me difficulty are –  typically those that have light text on a white background, or sites that haven’t taken colourblindness into account when creating navigation and clickable elements. Purple buttons on a blue site are a big no from me as I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the button from the background!

Fortunately, the web has cottoned-on to this and things are improving. But there is still work to be done.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Do I meta-game the question and say I’d like the power to grant wishes? Or is that not allowed?

A real answer then… I’m a big reader of fantasy, and from the Marvel world I’m more a Dr Strange than a Mr Stark, so I’d have to go for some classic magic.

Thank you Greg for taking the time to share. We say definitely meta-game it and grant us a wish or three!