Team News: Sotic’s Customer Experience Manager, is sharing insights about his role.

Team News: Sotic’s Customer Experience Manager, is sharing insights about his role.

As the Customer Experience Manager, his job is to ensure our clients experience the ‘Sotic magic’.

Our very own JSal is sharing some insights about his role at Sotic.

Sotic: What do you enjoy about your job as a Customer Experience Manager?

JS: For me the interaction with our clients, particularly helping them dig in to their analytics and providing the sort of insights that can really help them make the most of their digital platforms is one of the best things about this role.

I also look after our First Line Support Team, who do a fantastic job in taking care of our client tasks, whether this is during office hours, out of hours or on match days. This is really important to me as someone who did this role while working at various Professional Rugby Clubs.


Sotic. What do you love about the company?

JS: I have been with Sotic for 7 years and really enjoy the diversity and calibre of clients that we work with. It helps that the team are a vibrant bunch too. Having worked in sport for over 25 years, it is great to be able to work across a number of industries. I enjoy applying the experience and knowledge I have built up over the years.

With staff located in different offices across the UK, and some working remotely, when we do get together it feels like one big family and this is evident in the pride that we put into our work.


Sotic: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

JS: If there was one superpower I could have, it would have to be the ability to clone myself! I am the proud father to 3 children. They all have different hobbies and requirements so if there was 3 of me, I’d be able to spend equal time with them. Not sure my colleagues or my wife would be happy seeing 3 of me though!

Sotic: That would be quite something. Imagine how many insights and reports we could churn out with 3 J Sals working at Sotic!

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