Email Marketing: Want to engage your subscribers? Use Autoresponders

Email Marketing: Want to engage your subscribers? Use Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a really useful digital marketing tool which can help you nurture and monetise your fans, even while you sleep! 
An autoresponder is a pre-set email, or a series of emails series, delivered in sequence at pre-determined intervals when someone subscribes to your mailing list.

The main way to use autoresponders is to send a welcome, or series of welcome emails to new subscribers when they join your list. Did you know that a whopping 74% of people expect to receive a welcome email from you as soon as they join your list? (source Invespcro)

A welcome series is a great way to nurture that early relationship with your fan and you can use them to gently move your new subscriber through the onboarding process by encouraging them to:

  • complete their profile
  • follow you on social channels
  • check out your great content archive
  • read a help doc or guide
  • make a purchase

Just ensure that whatever your are sending delivers value to your subscriber.

Not to be confused with Autoresponders, Sotic’s MatchDayMail Cloud email marketing software also allows you to send Automated campaigns which are campaigns which you can configure in advance to trigger and send based on subscriber conditions or actions, for example if they click on a particular link. More on that on another blog.

Benefits of Autoresponders

  • Make a great first impression – A new subscriber could become a superfan but it’s key to make the right first impression and you can get right to work by using an autoresponder to send a welcome email
  • As part of your autoresponder welcome series you can introduce fans to your other digital channels or your great archive of content
  • Save time when engaging subscribers – When creating autoresponders the legwork comes at the start when you are deciding on the content and setting them up (although Sotic’s MatchDayMail Cloud email marketing software makes this a breeze). Once they are created and set to send, you’ll be nurturing your subscribers even while you sleep.
  • Drive revenue – By taking the time to sign up for your mailing list, subscribers have shown that they are interested in your organisation. Using autoresponders to send an incentive to purchase such as a discount code as part of a welcome series, can have a positive effect on your bottom line

Getting Started

If you’re new to using autoresponders, why not start with creating a simple two or three step autoresponder series designed to welcome and engage new subscribers?

• Welcome email
Instantly gratify your new subscribers and create an autoresponder email which will trigger as soon as they sign up to the list. Remind them of the benefits they get by being a subscriber.

Google ‘best welcome emails’ and you’ll see a host of examples but I recently signed up to the San Diego Legion mailing list and received this simple but effective email below welcoming me to the family. They remind me that I’ll be the first to hear their news, there’s a link to a short but powerful video showing the team in action and calls to action around purchasing tickets and checking out their news.

San Diego Legion autoresponder example

• Create a second email to send 2 days after the first one. You could use this email to invite your subscribers to connect with you through your social channels or you could include a particular piece of relevant and interesting evergreen content such as a ‘How well do you know the team’ quiz or a ‘Get to know Player X/ Head Coach interview’

• As the final email in the series, to send another 2 days later, consider creating an autoresponder which asks the subscriber for some more information. If you’re in the business of selling merchandise then asking for their birthday is a great way to be able to incentivise sales by sending them a discount coupon as a treat in their birthday month. Alternatively use this autoresponder to ask your subscriber about their particular interests and direct them to a form where they can update their details (giving you even more valuable information). Or, just make them smile by giving them an instantly redeemable code for tickets or merchandise.

Have you had success with using autoresponders? Let us know what worked for you.

And if you need help setting up your first autoresponder just give our First Line Team or your Account Manager a shout, we’ll be happy to help.