MatchDayMail Cloud Top Tips: Using Preheader Text To Engage Subscribers

MatchDayMail Cloud Top Tips: Using Preheader Text To Engage Subscribers

MatchDayMailCloud is Sotic bulk mailing platform. It’s packed full of clever functionality to help you maximise your email marketing efforts and deliver targeted campaigns to your subscribers. In this blog, learn how to use the Preheader Text functionality as an extra chance to gain your subscriber’s attention. 

You know that snippet of text that displays in an email in your inbox, after the subject line?
This is called the preheader, and by default it’s the first line or so of text within the email.

However, often a ‘click here to unsubscribe’ call to action is the first text on your campaign – necessary, but not really what you want to urge your subscribers to do.

preheader text urging unsubscribe

Use Preheader Text as an opportunity

However, using the preheader text can be another opportunity to get your contacts’ attention, especially if they’re accessing their inbox from a mobile device.

Have a look at these examples below from my Outlook and Gmail inboxes;

preheader call to action

preheader call to action

Adding Preheader Text in MatchDayMailCloud

It’s easy to adjust your preheader text within MatchDayMailCloud.

When you’re in the email builder, simply click on the gear icon in the top right:

how to add preheader text

The Settings module will pop up, where you’ll see a field to input your own preheader text.

You can also customise it from the Campaign Summary page. Just click on the Edit button next to “Preheader text.”

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