Sotic Competition And Quizzing Module Top Tips: Analytics

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Sotic Competition And Quizzing Module Top Tips: Analytics

Sotic’s brand new quiz functionality offers simple ways to create interactive content.

The tool offers various types of quizzes that produce a range of engaging content and each quiz type has their own strengths.

#TeamSotic have been running a series of blog posts on how best clients can use this new functionality, with this post focusing on analysing your quiz data.

Read here about creating polls, social stories or interactive story quizzes.

However, creating a quiz to engage your audience and collecting leads is just the start. Measuring how well your quiz is doing is critically important. The good news is that #TeamSotic’s new quiz functionality makes this easy, you can see what’s working and what’s not, and how to make your quizzes and tests even better.

Here are some of the stats you can view with our quiz functionality analytics.

Analyse your quiz data


This simple shows you how many people have seen your quiz, it counts a view whenever someone visits your website where the quiz is embedded.


Most quiz types have a ‘start’ button, expect for polls, which immediately ask you a question. ‘Starts’ count either how many people clicked on the start button or voted in a poll.

To improve the ratio of visitors starting your quiz, the most important thing is location. Embedding your quiz or poll after the first paragraph of your article will have a massive improvement on your number of starts.

The other big tip? Create an attention-grabbing quiz title and pick the most compelling main quiz image you can. You might have the best quiz in the world, but if you can’t persuade people to click ‘start’ – all of your creative genius will be wasted.


A ‘finish’ is counted if someone reaches either the result screen of your quiz or gets to the last item of your list.

Using the lead generations form to collect user information before showing their results is a powerful tool to get more customers or newsletter subscribers.

A finish rate of 70% is a good goal. So for every 10 people who start your quiz, you’ll need 7 finishes.


The quiz maker analytics shows in the ‘sharing’ section how many people have shared your quiz via social media. The more shares you get, the more free traffic is sent back to your site.


Lastly, if you’ve included a lead generation form in your quiz, the ‘leads’ stat tracks how many people have filled in your form.

How to improve your lead form completion percentage?

  • Provide value: why should people give up their email address? You need to make it worth their while. It doesn’t have to be a prize – services or information that solve a problem work well.
  • Make your form mandatory: lead forms include a ‘skip’ option by default, so you don’t fore people to complete the form to see their results.