Sotic competition and quizzing module Top Tips: Using Social Stories

Using Social Stories creates great interactive content

Sotic competition and quizzing module Top Tips: Using Social Stories

Sotic’s brand new quiz functionality offers simple ways to create interactive content.

The tool offers various types of quizzes that produce a range of engaging content and each quiz type has their own strengths.

#TeamSotic have been running a series of blog posts on how best clients can use this new functionality, with this post focusing on Social Stories.

Think of Social Stories as ‘quiz meets blog’- perfect for rich long-form text stories that you can fill with social media, images and even other forms of quizzes.

Each Social Story can be completely free-form, instead of a quiz or poll’s set format, you can mix and match content types however you like, creating great interactive content.

Check out this example.

When best to use Social Stories:

1. Real-time reporting- Covering sports matches are a great way to use Social Stories. It turns long editorial posts into media rich interactive pieces that engage the users. You can keep adding mini-chapters to your Social Story, by pressing publish after you’ve updated your latest version, no need to reembeded each time.

2. Long-form content- Quizzes and polls are great, but their format means you’re a bit limited in terms of flexibility. Social Stories are ideal when you want to explore a topic while still keeping your audience engaged with social media and other types of quizzes embedded into your Social Story.

3. Evolving articles- Social Stories let you keep adding new chapters- so you can easily include new content as it becomes available. This works really well on game day, adding social media or polls into the piece as the match develops.

If you are interested in using Sotic’s quiz functionality do not hesitate to get in touch.