Sotic competition and quizzing module Top Tips: Using Opinion Polls

Sotic competition and quizzing module Top Tips: Using Opinion Polls

Sotic’s brand new quiz functionality offers simple ways to create interactive content.

The tool offers various types of quizzes that produce a range of engaging content and each quiz type has their own strengths.

#TeamSotic will be running a series of blog posts on how best you can use this new functionality, but this post will focus on using opinion polls and storing responses from your polls within Google Sheets.

Storing data in Google Sheets is GDPR-compliant, meaning you can safely store your quiz lead data there and still be in compliance with the EU data privacy regulations.

Adding an online poll is an easy first step into the world of interactive content as you can create and embed your first poll in under 60 seconds flat.

How can an online poll be so effective? It all comes down to turning your passive visitors into active participants.

Let’s face it – we all love to give our opinion on most topics… An online poll can be fun like ‘Which film star would you like to marry?’ or you can link it to your core topic. The latter will provide helpful feedback or can become the subject of a fascinating new article.

So you’ve got your poll up and people are voting, but that’s just the first step. Your site visitor has clicked and is interested in your site, isn’t this a great chance to develop the relationship further?

By adding an optional lead generation form, with a compelling call to action, to your poll you can collect genuinely interested people’s details. There will also be social sharing buttons for your visitor to share the poll results with other fans.


Check out this example of using a poll for a competition, with the data stored in Google Sheets.

Keep your eyes peeled for more quiz functionality top tips coming soon.