Sotic build ‘Featured article’ template for PRO14

Sotic build ‘Featured article’ template for PRO14

Sotic launched a new ‘featured article’ template for client Guinness PRO14 at the end of January. The client wanted the ability to run long-form content, such as opinion pieces, interviews or in-depth features from time to time but wanted these to look different to their general news content.

Pro14 came to Sotic with inspiration from numerous American sports organisations, where the articles referenced had the ability to differentiate a normal article from a premium article. This premium article would be used at certain times during the season where they had news different from the norm.

The featured article gives the client the ability to build the article how they see fit by selecting elements. The elements that can be used are as follows:


The abstract is considerably different to a standard news article. This is due to the text being broader and more concise, immediately grabbing the attention of the visitor.

Text Block

This is where the main body of the copy can be added. Clients can use more than one text block, meaning they can spread out their content throughout the article. There is also the option for clients to set a background image or colour.

Within the text box, there is an “article quote” area. Clients can add a quote from the article that will appear to the right of the text block. These article quotes stand out considerably more, so any headline quote within the article can easily grab the attention of the visitor.


Clients have a choice on how they would like to display images within the featured article. A full image is the width of the page. This works with a slick parallax scroll with a huge focus on UX (User Experience). If you add a text box after a full width image, you will see the image stylishly depart the view of the visitor on scroll, following on to the text box.

The standard image is the same as a standard news article, appearing within the copy itself (minus the parallax scroll). One different feature with the standard image is the caption appearing on the left side of the image. The caption appears more prominent and certainly makes it visually noticeable.



Progress Bar

A progress bar was added at the bottom of the page, so that readers can monitor how much of the article they have read at any given time.


Mobile experience

The featured article gives the visitor a rich mobile experience. We made sure that UX was at the forefront.

The abstract has the same impact as it does on desktop. The client can dictate the size of the images and add the relevant captions or quotes that also stand out from the rest of the article.



The featured article template really puts the power in the hands of the client as they are in complete control of how they would like the article to look. No individual article needs to be the same. After adding the abstract, you can add as many images and text blocks as you like, tailored directly to your needs. Whether the visitor reads the article on mobile, tablet or desktop, the featured article will offer a slick user experience.

Using clients colour palettes, in this case PRO14, the feature articles are instantly identifiable on the site with a gold highlight and by adding the feature article category to the homepage and news aggregators it means that users can filter their news accordingly.

#TeamSotic often use the phrase “content is key”, and if used at the right time, this featured article template could certainly be beneficial to clients.

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