MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips: Get to grips with Tags

MatchDayMailCloud and the power of tagging

MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips: Get to grips with Tags

MatchDayMailCloud is Sotic’s email marketing platform. In this blog, learn why you should be using Tags to help you categorise and organise your contacts.

Tags are a quick and easy, but very powerful way, of organising, segmenting or categorising your contacts.

Your contacts can’t see the tags you apply to them but you can filter your contact database by tags, and you can also view tags on individual contact records.

Below is an image of how tags appear on the contact landing screen.

Using tags in MatchDayMailCloud

How you can use tags

There are many different ways to use tags, for example;

  • You can assign tags to groups of contacts to identify their interests. Having a `season-ticket holder` or `hospitality purchaser` tag against a contact will help you to quickly identify these particular groups and allow you to send communications just to them easily.
  • If you are importing new data (GDPR consent given of course) you can assign a tag to that particular group of contacts to remind you of where they came from
  • You can use the addition or removal of tags as a starting point for an automation
  • Once you gain confidence in using tags you can also use them to show conditional content within your campaigns to subscribers. For example, in the Sotic newsletter, I could chose to only show the MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips content block to clients who are tagged as `MDMC users`.

Managing Tags

You can manage your tags easily by selecting the ‘Manage Tags‘ option under the Contacts menu in MatchDayMail Cloud (see below)

Managing tags on MatchDayMailCloud

From there you will be able to add, delete and edit tags (see below) as well as see at a glance how many contact have been assigned a particular tag.

Assigning tags in MatchDayMailCloud








Keep it simple

A word of caution though. Don’t let your tagging get out of control.
Keep it simple and resist the temptation to create tags for every single piece of information otherwise your data will become too noisy and you defeat the purpose of tags which is to quickly tell an important story.

Also give some thought to naming conventions, just because you can name a tag anything you want in MatchDayMailCloud does not mean you should. Doing so could lead to too many tags, confusion and difficulty remembering why you created the tag in the first place.

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