MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips – Make life easier with Automations

MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips - Automations

MatchDayMailCloud Top Tips – Make life easier with Automations

MatchDayMailCloud is Sotic’s email marketing platform. In this blog, learn how you can lighten your load by letting automations do the work.

An automation is a chain of events that runs when triggered by starting conditions you define for example when a contact subscribes to a list, submits a form, opens an email or clicks on a link.

After an automation is set up, it can run with no input from you, so creating automations can save you time, help you stay organised, nurture your contacts and potentially generate revenue.

An automation is created by combining triggers, actions, and logic. Using the the automation builder in MatchDayMailCloud, you can mix and match these elements to create an automation workflow to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Accessing the automations builder

To access the automation builder, simply select the Automations icons from the main menu on the left hand side of the screen (see below)

MatchDayMailCloud Automations

Examples of when to use automations

Some relevant examples for automations for sports clubs or organisations are;

  • Send a welcome email from the team captain to anyone signing up to your mailing list
  • Send a follow up reward email to any contact that shares your campaign on their social media account (‘Share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter and get a 10% discount coupon for the online store’)
  • If a subscriber clicks a link in your campaign for more information about hospitality at a forthcoming match or event, you can create an automation that will automatically send them an email with more information and contact details at a given time.
  • You can also use automations to assign tags to contacts, so using the previous example, you can create an automation to tag the subscriber who clicked the hospitality link as being interested in hospitality. Then you can follow up with content and information that targets their interest.

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