Why Google’s Sports Fixture Grab Spells Opportunity Not Threat

View of a stadium

Why Google’s Sports Fixture Grab Spells Opportunity Not Threat

We posted recently about Google’s fixture land-grab and the potential implications for sports clubs and organisations and now, in a follow up post for Digital Sport we discuss how this could spell an opportunity rather than a threat.

While Google skims the top layer of interest away our message is ‘don’t panic’, because as long as you provide interesting and engaging content on your site, they really aren’t getting the cream of your followers.

Own your content

The post re-iterates the importance of rights-holders having unique content sitting on their owned platforms, but primarily their website (because no one ‘owns’ their Facebook channel Facebook own it) and driving fans there to where calls to action (join, buy, signup, share) are located.

Don’t Panic

It also gives a taster of some of the facts and figures that we’ve spotted since the change, a drop in bounce rates and an increase in pages per session which hint that that while you may not longer be attracting the top-line information hunters to your site, those who remain are the ones genuinely likely to engage with you.

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