International Women’s Day 2018 – Meet Charlie Dowley

Charlie Dowley - Front end developer at Sotic

International Women’s Day 2018 – Meet Charlie Dowley

On International Women’s Day we profile Charlie Dowley, one of Sotic’s front end developers … just don’t tell her that tech is a man’s world!

Charlie joined Sotic in August 2016 as a front end developer. As part of the build team she helps to take the website designs from the Design Team and turn them into fully working websites, mainly using HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP.

How did you get into digital? 

“I got into Media during school but I was more into the design aspect of it. I went onto University and did a module in Web Design which gave me a good insight into the industry, however when I left I realised I needed some coding experience and so went onto a Web Development course in London, where I found I actually really enjoyed the front-end build of Web more than Design.

I spent the next few years doing some internships in different agencies to try and learn as much as possible. I just like the fact that we’re building something that’s going to help someone else’s business/interests to succeed and profit them.”

Are there any barriers to females getting in to tech?

“Personally, I feel the issue is with how the media actually portrays tech. I’ve worked with a few women in the industry and they always refer to how magazines and articles say that tech is a `Man’s World` which I just don’t think is true anymore. It’s always going to create a negative impact if the media is saying this.

I know a lot of businesses are trying to hire women now `because they’re women`, but this also sends out the wrong message. I don’t want to be hired for my gender, I want to be hired for my skills which I’ve spent years developing.”

Are you a member of any groups that support women working in tech or digital?

I’m part of an online slack channel called `Front-end Developers which is just a big community of developers giving advice. It’s actually a very helpful, lovely group of people so I find I learn a lot from them when I go online.

There is a chat on there called Lady-Devs, (which isn’t as feminine as it sounds!), where we generally do talk about the industry and once again give advice on anything from work, to coding problems.”

What’s your best bit of advice for a school girl or young woman interested in a career in digital?

“Just go for it, if you have something you’re interested in then I don’t think gender shouldn’t come into it.”