Digital developments for Leinster & Munster Rugby

by | May 19, 2017

As Leinster and Munster Rugby get ready for their Guinness PRO12 semi-finals this weekend, let us take a closer look at their recent web site revamps that offer much more than just a new look.

Both clubs re-launched their websites earlier this season, Leinster prior to Christmas and Munster in the Spring. Both have new, bespoke designs as well as a brand new CMS in WordPress.

Often when people think of WordPress they think of the software that is used by millions for online hobby blogging, however WordPress now powers over 25% of the web and as it has grown, so too have it’s features and content management system capabilities.

As leaders in the digital sports industry and with particular expertise in the area of statistical integration and display, Sotic have taken the standard WordPress offering and have developed it to meet the demands of our clients.

The Leinster Rugby and Munster Rugby websites have fully integrated Opta Sports statistics which are dynamically updated during matches giving a real-time view of team and player performance as the games happen, and because the information fans want from a sports website is different just before or during a game, compared to a Monday morning, we’ve also developed the ability to ‘flip’ the homepage to an alternate view offering key, timely details when matches are live.

Sports websites can experience huge peaks in traffic around major matches, events or announcements and our websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same hosting provider as used by the likes of AirBnB, so our clients can be confident that their websites will remain available at times of peak traffic.

Both the Leinster Rugby and Munster Rugby websites make use of content aggregators on the homepage to mix many different post types (news, previews, reports, video, galleries, audio) and give a flavour of what is happening at the club while the ability to filter by post type or news category offers fans a much more personalised way to browse the website.

Tagging of news in the CMS creates meaningful search and makes it possible for related news to be shown to the fans encouraging them to delve deeper and spend longer on the site – we have also creatively integrated Google’s Doubleclick advertising platform across both sites to display both commercial partner and house advertising to maximum effect.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more information or a chat about how Sotic could assist you, please get in touch.