Using digital to boost Season Ticket sales

by | Mar 16, 2016

It’s that time of year when our club clients are beginning to focus their attention on the sale of season tickets for next season so let’s have a look at a few digital basics that can help…

Season tickets are a hugely important source of revenue for any club. The importance of selling more than just a ticket has never been greater and clubs really have to focus on ‘selling the sizzle as well as the sausage’ with a good season ticket holder loyalty programme to run alongside their ticket, but that’s a whole different blog!

So how can you use digital to help you boost your season ticket sales?

1. Create an extra special landing page or microsite for season tickets, make the url easy to remember and reference this in all your literature and social media

This means that you can draw potential purchasers in through social media campaigns bringing them directly to a clear page with minimal, simple calls to action (like BUY, RENEW or BENEFITS), not leave them floundering on your homepage where there are too many distractions. Our client Leicester Tigers are using a microsite choc full of fresh video content to keep their potential season ticket purchasers coming back for more.

2. Include a sign up form for more information or opportunity for existing subscribers to update their details

Not everyone who visits your season ticket hub might be ready to commit, particularly if they’re a new fan. If they leave without purchasing they might just forget to come back again, but by capturing their details you’ve got the opportunity to try to persuade them.
Giving existing subscribers/season ticket holders the chance to update their details when they renew their tickets is an easy way to tidy up some of your data and perhaps ask a few extra questions about preferences or something that is perhaps of interest to a sponsor.

3. Sweat your mailing list

Your activities in this area will only be as good as the data you have collected in the first place but email remains one of the most successful and cost-effective marketing channels.

Take time to devise a programme of communications around key dates, such as your early-bird deadline, and with tailored content depending on the group you are sending to, for example, renewers, those who don’t have a ticket but who went to more than half of the home games last season, families and students.

I attended a conference almost 2 years ago which featured a keynote from the Marketing Manager of the Rugby World Cup 2015 who told us that upon release of information ahead of the ticket ballot she and her team prepped 16 different versions of their email newsletter to send depending on what they knew about their subscribers. She reported open rates of over 50%, where an industry average is around 20-25%.

If you want to chat through digital strategy to help you boost your season tickets sales why not drop us a line at +44 207 691 2450.