Guinness Pro12 Media Accreditation

Case Study: Guinness Pro12 Media Accreditation Platform

by | Jan 18, 2016

The Guinness Pro12, the professional league featuring the top rugby union teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy, is using Sotic’s MatchDay Accreditation platform this season to provide a league-wide accreditation system for all media wishing to cover matches.

“ Sotic have delivered exactly what we were looking for with MatchDay Accreditation. The system has automated much of the workload for media managers, has strengthened links with media and on the whole presents a much more professional image for our League”  Tom McCormack, Communications Manager, Guinness Pro12.

With a focus on ease of application for media personnel and a reduction of workload for Club Media Managers, Sotic worked with the team at Pro12 Rugby and Club Media Managers to develop a detailed spec to ensure that their varying requirements could be fulfilled and Sotic’s MatchDayAccreditation software was developed over a six week period to build in a number of functionality enhancements.


The league-wide system was successfully rolled out to clubs for the start of the 2015-16 season. Not only has the Guinness Pro12 become the first rugby club league in Europe to offer media an online accreditation system but the system has vastly improved the accreditation process for both media and club staff.


  • Media self-register centrally and once logged in can apply for accreditation at multiple clubs/games.
  • Pre-registration means that members of the media need only tick the box to request accreditation and there is no need to fill out a form each time.
  • Media at large organisations can have a Group Manager to apply for accreditation on behalf of all personnel


  • Club media managers can quickly and easily setup and edit their matches within the system. They have full control deciding which games are open for accreditation at any given time and which areas within their ground are available to media.
  • Media Managers decide whether or not to accept accreditation requests and automatically generated emails are issued to media to advise them of the decision.
  • Large batches of requests can be approved or rejected in seconds and details exported in CSV format
  • Club Media Managers have access to their own set of dashboard stats which provide them with an overview of Approved/Rejected/Pending requests

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